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DJ Mixing Certificate

Being able to mix music creatively and seamlessly is the foundation of any good DJ.  Beat Refinery’s “DJ Mixing Certificate” is designed to master the art of mixing.  Our goal is to prepare you towards acquiring the skills to become either a hobbyist or a professional.  You must complete our Intro, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Mixing Levels. Upon completion you will be awarded the “DJ Mixing Certificate”, the first achievement toward acquiring the “Professional DJ Certificate”.

We know everyone’s schedules are busy and committing to anything for an extended period of time can be difficult.  Therefore, we have designed a class schedule that allows for flexibility to ensure you keep up with the curriculum.  With multiple class days and times, a student can switch a class day for just one week or permanently move days if need be.  What’s more, we bill monthly for manageable payments and only require a one time materials fee.

Complete the Following Required Course Levels:

  • Level 1: Intro to DJing
  • Level 2: Basic Mixing
  • Level 3: Intermediate Mixing
  • Level 4: Advanced Mixing