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MixLab Membership Program

The MixLab Membership Program is designed for students who are looking for practice time and/or don’t have the ability to make a set time or class. If you just don’t feel ready to move along to the next course, you can spend a few months just sharpening your skills in the membership program. If you are enrolled in a course but feel you want more time behind the decks, we encourage you to join the MixLab as well. The program works similar to a gym membership. The best part is the MixLab sessions are unlimited, so you can come as often as you like! Parents can use this Membership as a daily or weekly activity for their kids.

The cost for students who are not enrolled in any current courses is $150/month, and the cost for students currently enrolled in a Beat Refinery Course is $50/month. You will be billed monthly just like a gym membership and will have access to other special workshops and events at discounted prices.

To schedule a MixLab appointment, call us at 877-434-BEAT or email us at

Students can come in for MixLab at the following times by appointment only:

  • Monday – Thursday: 3pm – 7pm